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Materials Synthesis

The synthetic techniques in this facility include hierarchical assembly using bottom-up polymeric and bio-templating, core-shell colloidal nanoparticle synthesis, peptide/DNA biosynthesis methods, complex oxide molecular beam epitaxy, and PECVD nanocrystalline diamond.

Nanofabrication Research

This facility performs controlled synthesis and directed assembly of nanomaterials; lithographically assisted patterning of hybrid structures; chemical and biological functionalization of nanoscale materials; electron-beam lithography, focused ion beams, and nanoimprint patterning methods.

Proximal Probes

An array of scanning probe tunneling and atomic force microcopy capabilities is available for surface, interface, and magnetic analysis; near-field scanning optical microscopy is also featured.

Hard X-Ray Microscopy

The Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe facility provides scanning fluorescence, scanning diffraction, and full-field transmission and tomographic imaging capabilities with a spatial resolution of 30 nm over a spectral range of 6-12 keV.

Computational Nanoscience

The theory and multiscale computer simulations available in this facility provide the interpretive and predictive framework for understanding fundamental studies and aid in the design of new nanoscale functional systems. The CNM's state-of-the-art 25-TFlop supercomputer accommodates highly parallel applications for modeling, simulation, and visualization.

Electron Microscopy Center

Electron Microscopy Center
The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC) develops and maintains unique capabilities for electron beam characterization and applies those capabilities to solve materials problems. Research by EMC staff includes microscopy based studies in high Tc superconducting materials, irradiation effects in metals and semiconductors, phase transformations, and processing related structure and chemistry of interfaces in thin films.

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