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Two CNM Researchers Named "Top Chemists"

On February 10, 2011, Thomson Reuters identified the world's top 100 chemists over the past 10 years as ranked by the impact of their published research. Among the Nobel Laureates and other chemistry luminaries who have each published more than 50 influential papers during 2000-2010 are two names familiar to the CNM:

The article states, "Nanotechnology in all its aspects is strongly in evidence when one surveys the research interests of the chemists listed... The field has attracted enormous interest during the last decade.  Of the 100, 60 of these chemists identify nanotechnology as their main focus or a significant research topic."

The top 100 is intended to celebrate the achievements of chemists who achieved the highest citation impact scores for chemistry articles and reviews. Thomson Reuters published the table in support of the International Year of Chemistry. 

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February 2011

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