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CNM Participation in Nature of Nano Event

Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) Director Amanda Petford-Long and CNM user Adam Khan, of AKHAN Technologies, presented lectures at "The Nature of Nano" event held on December 11, 2013, at Northwestern University. The event was sponsored by C2ST, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology.

Materials scientist Amanda Petford-Long, who is also the Director of Argonne's Nanoscience and Technology Division, presented current research efforts and advances in nanotechnology. Working on new discoveries at the nanoscale, researchers at the CNM are creating new materials, methods, and technologies to address some of the world's greatest challenges in energy security, lightweight but durable materials, high-efficiency lighting, information storage, environmental stewardship, and advanced medical devices.

Three CNM postdoctoral associates also showcased their science in poster format at the event:

The C2ST program also featured the work of AKHAN Technologies, a Chicagoland-area technology firm that is using novel nanotechnology and engineering applications emerging from CNM for a variety of industrial and medical uses AKHAN Technologies, in collaboration with Argonne, has developed an energy-efficient semiconductor process that combines two newly developed diamond technologies: low-temperature nanocrystalline diamond deposition developed at CNM and an efficient semiconductor doping process (doping, or introducing impurities into semiconductors, allows them to behave more like conductors, such as metals) to create cheaper, better electronics that rely on integrated circuits — transformational to telecommunications, consumer electronics, defense, and aviation electronics.

Dr. Petford-Long has 25 years of experience in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applied to magnetic and optical nanostructures and is interested in structure-property correlations in ferroic nanostructure, and use of in situ TEM techniques to understand domain and transport behavior in these materials.

December 2013

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