Argonne National Laboratory Center for Nanoscale Materials U.S. Department of Energy

Facilities and Services Staff

Ron Tollner, Manager, Building and Systems Operations
Phone: 630.252.4457, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Eugene Stewart, Building & Systems Operations
Phone: 630.252.4466, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Anthony Avarca, Computing & IT Services
Phone: 630.252.4940, Fax: 630.252.4646, E-mail:

Rodney East, Computing & IT Services
Phone: 630.252.2878, Fax: 630.252.4646, E-mail:

David Eckstein, Computing & IT Services
Phone: 630.252.7918, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

Scott Massow, Assistant Facility Manager
Phone: 630.252.4620, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

Marcia Wood, Group Leader, Computing & IT Services
Phone: 630.252.4656, Fax: 630.252.6866, E-mail:

Catherine Riblon, Secretary for Operations & ES&H/User Safety Coordinator
Phone: 630.252.4463, Fax: 630.252.4463, E-mail:

Judi Yaeger, Waste & Chemical Management
Phone: 630.252.5166, Fax: 630.252.5739, E-mail:

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The Center for Nanoscale Materials is an Office of Science User Facility operated for
the U.S.Department of Energy Office of Science by Argonne National Laboratory