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Publication Covers Featuring CNM Research

  Carbon, Vol. 70, April 2014 MRS Bulletin J. Phys. Chem May 8, 2014
Chemical Communications Cover Feb. 15, 2014 ChemSusChem July 2013 cover Advanced Functional Materials May 2013 cover Energy & Environmental Science May 2013
Chemistry of Materials April 9, 2013 cover J Physical Chemistry Feb 7 2013 J. Material Chemistry C Cover March 2013 EES February 2012 cover
ADvanced Optical Materials graphene cover Journal of Physical Chemistry C, September 2011 ChemCatChem Sept 2011 Cover EES September 2011 cover
angewandte chemie Journal of Materials Chemistry 8/28/11 cover NMAT June 2011 Applied Materials Interface April 2011 cover
EES May 2011 Science February 2011 Nature Materials February 2010 Energy and Environmental Science, December 2009 cover
MRS Bulletin April 2010 Soft Matter December 2009 Cover Advanced Materials Cover, May 2009 Journal of Applied Physics, March 2009
Mamterials Today September 2009 Cover Small magazine cover by Darling Physics Today Feburary 2009 Cover PCCP Cover
Small magazine cover by Sun Buchanan article cover
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